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Obsessed with Weight Loss…and Miley Cyrus induced nausea

After a few years away from my loyal fans (all 3 of you) I think it’s well past time to start talking health and well-being in front of a camera again. First, I may need to reintroduce myself for those few people who weren’t caught up in the media frenzy of my first few videos. My name is Doctor Isaac Warbrick, not a white coat stethoscope kind of doctor, but more a wrote a book that sits in a dusty part of a University library kind of
doctor. I’m an exercise physiologist, and do research in exercise science, and indigenous health for a job. I have 5 little children and a hot wife.

Now that you know me, I thought I’d ease back into things with the internet’s favorite ‘health’ topic: Weight.. Now, when we talk weight the discussion can get a bit heavy, excuse the pun (ETP). So we’re going to do our best to ‘scale’ things back (ETP), and sift through the ‘mass’ of information that’s out there (ETP). For example, if you scan through your news feed, tweets, insta, or for the real old schoolers turn on a t.v, you don’t have to look too far to see our modern obsession with weight. We’ve all got that friend who’s news feed is basically a running commentary of the most popular weight loss product and why the new product they’re selling is even better than the other shakes, pills, and concoctions they’ve sold in the past. Then we’ve got the gym poster, the before and after poster, the poster of ‘one arm man, no excuse’ motivational memes, and all of these combine into an expression of modern obsession with weight.

Is it deserved? Of course it is right. Because surely Being overweight causes heart disease, diabetes, gout…and of course laziness, baldness, bad breath, murderous tendencies, and nuclear war. Wrong, but you get the
picture. We tend to blame overweight and obesity for a lot of societies ills. Indeed body weight is ‘associated’ with, and I want you to remember that word ‘associated’, CVD, diabetes, gout, depression and a whole lot of other things. But whether it’s the ’cause’ of these illnesses is actually not as clear as we make it out to be. You see,
there’s a big difference between something causing an illness and something which is associated with but doesn’t necessarily cause said illness. For example, seeing twerking on stage is associated with feelings of anger and nausea versus. Miley Cyrus causes feelings of anger and nausea, sure nausea was associated with the twerking,
but it was actually caused by the fact that it was Miley Cyrus doing the twerking. Make sense?!

Actually, some recent studies have shown that obesity and weight gain are just symptoms of other disordered processes going on in our body rather than the cause of our poor health which brings me to the Health at Every Size movement, which stresses that being active and maintaining fitness has significant health benefits even if you are overweight and stay overweight. For some people, especially those who genetically or for what ever other reason don’t lose weight despite ridiculous efforts, this is great news, and it’s a shift in our reasoning behind being active.

Others have shown that health promotion which focuses on weight loss is less effective than focusing on more meaningful measures which actually align with what you value, not to mention the fact that focusing on weight can actually be harmful and prevent people from making changes.

I guess the important thing to take from this is that this silly number that we modern humans have become fixated upon, weight, shouldn’t keep us up at night or be the driving force behind why we choose to eat well, get enough exercise, or make any other lifestyle change. Move your body and eat well but stop making it about weight. Hey, you may drop weight in the process or you may not, but there’s far more to being well than reaching some ideal number
on the scale. We’ll talk more about this but at the end of the day, what’s the worst thing that could happen if we
threw out the scales and never looked at our weight again?!

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